Five Best Motivation Books to Read

Motivation is a complicated and multifaceted subject. It can relate to our wanting to take any action or initiative or may even mean way of life. However, as humans we have limitations, we are at times in doubt, at times unsure, and at times even stupid ! And in such situation, we need to rejuvenate ourselves by various means – taking an outing, traveling to new place, or even read a self-help book to get a new perspective to reflect on.

Of-course the word ‘motivation’, I use as an omnibus category for the self-help books.

In last few months, I have been reading lots of such stuff. And I write below brief summary of the five books that I found to be best among them.

Habit of Winning by Prakash Iyer

Habit of Winning is a very easy and interesting book to read. It covers diverse facets of life through personal experience, stories and real examples from life of others. There are stories from the world of corporates to that of the world of cricket. It also contains examples from other self-help books. The presentation of language makes it extremely readable, and also an enjoyable book to read and remember. The descriptive statement is very clear -“When you are down, think like a boxer: if you are knocked down, you need to get up in ten seconds or less. One extra second, and it’s all over.”

Eat That Frog! : 21 Great Ways To Stop Procrastinating And Get More Done In Less Time by Brian Tracy

Eat That Frog is a very small book, and contains practical suggestions to start the work and get going. ‘Frog’ is used as a metaphor for the most challenging task of the day. And the prescription is “Eat that Frog”! There are 21 chapters in this small book – and each chapter deals with one thing or way as to how to deal with the matters that lead to procrastination. Helpful techniques have been provided – some may be known to us, others new.

License To Live By Priya Kumar

License to Live is an inspirational story – that leaves way behind books like The Alchemist that use the story format and ‘hidden messages’ for motivation and self-help. When I read this book, it seemed to me there could not be any better book that would deal with this subject in such an engaging manner. I would also add that there is another book by Priya Kumar – I Am Another You. that deals with the actual experience of the author in her training for becoming a Shaman in Europe. It is also an extremely good book and personal experience well exemplified.

Tathaastu by Sajeev Nair

Tathaastu is a new age book – focused on implementation, habit formation and manifestation. It is an ‘inspired book’ to the extent that the author considers himself a ‘pen’ ie. a medium to be able to write this book. It is an excellent and very readable book. Infact, when I had read the books License To Live, I had thought that there could not be a better book to read on such subject. However Tathaastu proved that there could always be something better – that could be even more convincing.

I’m Not Stressed: Secret For A Calm Mind And A Healthy Body By Deanne Panday

I Am Not Stressed may at first look to be an advertisement – but its not. The high profile author, being a fitness trainer to Bollywood stars, names come easily – and the foreword is by none other than Shahrukh Khan. But apart from the ‘packaging’, the book has very meaningful insight into ‘stress’. It provides practical methods dealing with areas of meditation, nutrition, exercise and sleep. Very useful book to follow in day to day life.

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