Internet Resources for Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers

Internet Resources for Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers

This blog post relates primarily to the internet resources I found to be useful relating to the Science Fiction / Fantasy genre. This is like a personal reference list I had made, but thought that its existence would be more meaningful as a blog post. As evident, this is a work in process webpage. I would be updating this whenever I find anything meaningful. Of-course internet is such a vast virtual hyper intelligence that gems can always be discovered hidden in some corner. So, if you as reader think that there is something worthwhile that is not mentioned here relating to SFF, please post it in the comments.

I would have loved to add other aspects of full time career in writing like online resources relating to general writing skills, editing, podcasts, aspects relating to literary agents, query and publishing. These are vast areas and for those it would be better to have separate blog posts.

(A) Videos

(1) Classes by Brandon Sanderson : This is a set of fantastic 12 lectures by Brandon Sanderson on Science Fiction and Fantasy. Brandon Sanderson takes English 318R class in BYU every year. These lectures were recorded in 2016

(2) Videos by V.E. Schwab : V.E. Schwab is one of the foremost writers of SFF, particularly Fantasy. Here in various videos she discusses the craft of writing relating to SFF genre. Besides various tips for writers on this genre.

(3) Philosophical Theme in Speculative Fiction : This is discussion series focused on philosophical themes in the speculative fiction and delivered by Greg Sadler, and hosted by the Brookfield Public Library. While there are various videos by Greg Sadler, this link relates to Speculative Fiction.

(4) Videos by Writers Guild Foundation : Under the playlist tab there is repository of various videos. Discussion on Science Fiction is under “Writers on Genre”

(5) Wizards, Aliens, and Starships: Physics and Math in Fantasy and Science Fiction : published by Microsoft Research. This is scientific critique of SFF genre.

(6) The World of Ice and Fire : George R. R. Martin on The World of Ice and Fire

(7) GRR Martin Interview : Interview with George R.R. Martin

(8) GRR Martin Interview : Interview with George R.R. Martin at Google

(9) George RR Martin and Stephen King : Discussion between George RR Martin and Stephen King

(B) Publishers

(1) Tor is worlds top publisher of SFF genre. Here one can find lots of SFF related stories to read and that includes many NYT bestsellers.

(C) Magazines

Some of these magazines are online, while others are subscription based – yet some fantastic stories are free to access.

(1) Galaxy Magazine Archive: This is thirty years of Galaxy SF magazine archive from 1950 to 1980. A real treasure trove.

(2) Strange Horizons

(3) Light Speed Magazine

(4) Daily Science Fiction

(5) Compelling Science Fiction

(6) Metaphorosis

(D) Book Reviews

(1) Kirkus SFF Book Reviews : Kirkus is one of the major trade review authority relating to publishing.

(2) New York Times Book Review Pages NYT Book Reviews and NYT news on SFF

Apart from above, nearly all authors maintain their website in which they keep posting interesting posts from time to time. Many of that may relate to promotion, but at times, they write short stories and prescriptive and insightful posts relating to their experiences in writing that are truly useful.

(E) Mobile Apps

(1) Simply E Reader: This app is available for both Android and iPhone. It is an initiative of NY Public Library. Even those who are not members of Library can download and read free ebooks. There are tons of SFF related books in it.

(F) Books

Reading books is very essential part of writing. There are three major awards for SFF writers.

(1) Nebula awards – these awards are voted by members of SFWA

(2) Hugo awards – these awards are voted by members attending World Science Fiction Convention

(3) John W. Campbell Memorial Award

These are the three major awards given in the field of SFF writing. For first time writers, it is best to print out a list of the award winning books and read them. It would give the best insight into the writing craft of the SFF genre. The lists can be found on the website of the award pages and on Wikipedia (just search)

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